Team Technologies

At our Morristown, TN, headquarters, we provide manufacturing and packaging services out of five (5) wholly owned facilities. Our two largest facilities provide complete contract packaging services for the world’s leading personal care, healthcare, and cosmetic companies. Our Dental Care/Brush division manufactures toothbrushes, disposable prophy angles, cytology brushes, twisted wire brushes, and general hygiene related items. Team Tech is the largest North American manufacturer of toothbrushes.

Team Molding

Located in Batavia, IL, uses injection molding technology to mold dental, medical, cosmetic and industrial related products. Team Molding can do custom mold design and has the ability to do both single and double shot molding.

NAGL Manufacturing

Located in Omaha, NE, manufactures nail enamel brushes, flow-thru brushes, cosmetic caps & closures and medical oral care products. Nagl is the world’s largest supplier of nail enamel brushes.

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ICP Medical

Located in St. Louis, MO, provides fast, efficient solutions assisting healthcare facilities in preventing potential infections and controlling associated costs. Their two premier products are a disposable privacy curtain system and fully customizable PPE organizers. In addition, they sell a variety of disposable products (gowns, bouffant caps, shoe covers, lab jackets, scrubs and gurney covers) and pride themselves on being attentive and responsive to providing customer-specific solutions to community, government & VA facilities world-wide.

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Located in Morristown, TN, manufactures prophy cups, screw cups, latch cups and prophy brushes and markets prophy paste, protect-a-lens, disposable prophy angles, allwipes and interdental brushes.

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Bootie Butler

Located in Knoxville, TN, distributes automatic shoe cover applicators and removers. They also sell the specialized shoes covers to fit the same equipment.

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Prophy Perfect

Located in Osseo, WI, markets various oral products, specializing in prophy angles, pediatric oral care and orthodontics.

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Located in Osseo, WI, markets dental & medical products including Ultra Suave toothbrushes, blotting brushes, dental applicators, implant floss cleaners and toothbrush covers.

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Team PDS

Located in Osseo, WI, also markets various oral care products, focusing on child and pet oral care, as well as retail and distribution trade.

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Advanced Specialties

Located in Watertown, CT, provides custom assembly solutions for the cosmetic industry. Through the years, they have developed innovative assembly techniques, while branching out to new industries such as telecommunications.

Advanced Specialties

Anchor Brush Company

Located in Morristown, TN. They create surgeons’ brushes, toothbrushes, infant dental care products, hospital personal care products and cytology brushes.

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